Open for Business

Scott County, Indiana, has a strong economy making it easier than ever to do business. Several major corporations have selected Scott County as their headquarters, or as sites of major warehousing, manufacturing or distribution centers.  Be sure to check out the local resources here to help you do business in Scott County.


Strong Workforce

The true strength of Scott County is our people. Time and time again they demonstrate the work ethic, talent, commitment and proven ability for filling the employment needs of world-class businesses and industries across all sectors.

Our economy is as diverse as any comparable U.S. region, and as a result, we continue to attract the high-quality workers needed to fill job vacancies. Our educational system, with accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions, as well as technical schools and incumbent worker training programs, helps meet the needs of local employers and growing companies.

Sound Infrastructure

Scott County is comprised of two cities: Austin and Scottsburg. Each city is represented by a mayor, a clerk treasurer and five city council members. Scott County has taken great care to ensure the infrastructure is in place to meet current and future demands of business and industry. For example, high-speed fiber optics technology is available to help businesses communicate around the clock, regardless of where they are located in Scott County.

The Worldwide Communications and Conference Center at the Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg is ideal for business meetings, conferences and networking events. The technologically-advanced science park is equipped with audiovisual resources to facilitate real time, global communication from anywhere in the facility.

Additionally, our electric rates are among the lowest in the nation and low cost natural gas is available in plentiful supply. We also have adequate water and sewer treatment capacity.